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Running .NET on embedded devices has never been this fast-and-easy (FEZ). TinyCLR OS enables you to program your embedded device with the same .NET tools you know and love!

It’s as easy as:

  1. Grab a FEZ or one of the many supported hardware.
  2. Download and install a Microsoft Visual Studio edition, including the free community edition.
  3. Download the free TinyCLR OS extension.
  4. Plug in a USB Cable…and enjoy!

Get Started

Universal Windows Platform

.NET and Universal Windows Platform Compatible

The TinyCLR OS API is a subset of both the .NET Base Class Library API and the Windows UWP API. Imagine the same PC developer writing a cross-platform .NET application going between a PC and a embedded device!

Software Features

Visual Studio Computer

Microsoft Visual Studio is all you need

Say goodbye to complex, expensive and limited tools. Microsoft’s Visual Studio is all you need. Even the free community version can be used to write some amazing applications. Thanks to TinyCLR OS, applications can be targeted to very tiny hardware. Ideal for IoT, wearables and any solution where low-power and resources are a must.

Get Visual Studio

Modern Debugging

Modern Debugging

Thanks to the integration between TinyCLR OS and Microsoft’s Visual Studio, a complete set of modern debugging capabilities are available to you through a simple USB cable, making JTAG a thing of the past.


Off-the-Shelf Hardware Options

FEZ is a Fast and Easy way to get started with developing applications for embedded devices. TinyCLR OS is already compiled and made ready to run on FEZ. Don’t have a FEZ yet? No worries, we have support for many other hardware options.

Explore Hardware

Processor Closeup

TinyCLR OS on your own hardware

TinyCLR OS can be ported to the hardware you love.


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