TinyCLR OS 1.0 Roadmap

As a gift for the holidays, we wanted to share the current roadmap for TinyCLR OS. Of course, this is all subject to change and not a promise, but it’s a good outline of our current goal for a stable, production-ready 1.0 release. Nor does it include the many small improvements and features that will make it in.

v0.7.0 in January

  • Adding CAN to several ports and the library
  • Improving usage of interops
  • More complete pins library

v0.8.0 in February

  • A Cortex-M7 build of the core library
  • Low-level STMicroelectronics WiFi driver
  • FEZ Hydra firmware

v0.9.0 in March

  • A .NET sockets and HTTP library for any interface (including ST’s WiFi)
  • Native driver for SPI displays
  • Additional ports for other third-party devices

v1.0.0 Release Candidate in April
No new features planned for this release. Instead it’ll be a lot of final polish, bug fixing, documentation updates, and publishing in the online galleries. If all goes well, we’re aiming for a final release in May.

While we will continue to support and fix bugs in 1.0, we’re not done there! High on our list for 2.0 are several important features like file system, better and secure networking, in field update, more graphics, and USB host and client. We hope to get as many of these out as we can by the end of 2018.